Reconditioned Equipment Inventory

  • Reconditioned Biro Emg-32 #32_mixer-grinder
    Reconditioned Hobart 1612 Manual Meat Slicer
    Reconditioned Hobart Am 14 Dishwasher 208-240v 3ph
    Reconditioned Hobart Quantum HWS Hand Wrap Station
    Reconditioned Lincoln 1116 Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven
    Reconditioned Southbend SLS10sc Electric Convection Oven
    Reconditioned Star 624ma 24inch Gas Griddle
    Reconditioned Thunderbird Arm 30 30qt Mixer
    Reconditioned Hobart M802 80qt mixer
    Reconditioned Hollymatic Super patty machine with portable stand
    Recondition Hobart CK401 Electric Fryer
    Reconditioned APW-Wyott HR-50 electric hot dog roller grill
    Reconditioned HG2 electric countertop griddle
    Reconditioned 403 meat tenderizer
    Reconditioned BKi grab n go warmer
    Reconditioned Hobart H600 60qt mixer
    Reconditioned Hobart HHFC6 hot food case
    Reconditioned Southbend V15 full size electric convection oven
    Reconditioned Hobart LXiH high temp under counter dishwasher
    Reconditioned Hobart HFB2 Flashbake oven
    Reconditioned Berkel 827A manual slicer
    Reconditioned Globe SP-5 5qt table top mixer
    Reconditioned Wells F-85 electric countertop fryer
    Reconditioned Lincoln 1301 electric conveyor pizza oven
    Reconditioned Star 15NCPW Nacho Warmer 120v
    Reconditioned Star 30C hot dog roller grill 120v
    Reconditioned Hobart AM14 dishwasher 208-240 v 1 phase
    Reconditioned Hobart D300T 30qt mixer 120v
    Reconditioned Imperial IHR-2-18-XB 2 burner gas hot top (natural)
    Reconditioned Berkel 827E 12in manual slicer
    Hatco C-18 electric booster heater 208v 1 phase
    Like New Eagle BPDHT4-240 4 well electric steamtable 240v
    Reconditioned APW-Wyott CMW-48 48in electric cheese melter 3004 208v
    Like New APW-Wyott CMW-48 48in electric cheese melter 3005 208v
    Reconditioned Groen TDBC-20 electric tilt kettle
    Reconditioned Hobart HK3 countertop electric fryer 208-240v
    Reconditioned Hobart CW3 countertop heat merchandiser 240v
    Reconditioned Berkel FMS10NH 10qt mixer 120v
    Reconditioned KET-5T electric tilting kettle
    Reconditioned Star 154 24in electric griddle 240v 1 phase
    Reconditioned Southbend X336D 6 burner natural gas range
    Reconditioned Bunn VPS pourover coffee brewer
    Reconditioned Duke E-304-25 4 well electric steamtable 120v
    Reconditioned Hobart D340T 40qt mixer 208v 3 phase
    Reconditioned Hobart MG1532 mixer-grinder 208v 3 phase
    Reconditioned Henny Penny model 500 electric pressure fryer 208v 3 phase
    Reconditioned Hobart HCM450 cutter-mixer 200 v 3 phase
    Reconditioned Star 35S hot dog steamer
    Reconditioned Biro model 11 meat saw 115 volt
    Reconditioned Hobart 1712E Semi-Automatic slicer
    Reconditioned Manitowoc QY0274A undercounter ice machine 115 volt
    Reconditioned Hobart H600 60qt mixer 115 volt
    Slightly Used Turbo Air MST-28 refrigerated sandwich prep table 115 volt
    Reconditioned DoughPro DP2000B dough press 240 volt single phase
    Reconditioned Middleby Marshall PS314 gas conveyor oven 208 volt single phase
    Reconditioned Star 636 gas manual control griddle
    Reconditioned Univex M30 30qt mixer 115 volt
    Reconditioned Hobart H600 BEFORE & AFTER
    Reconditioned ADS ETAF undercounter low temp dishwasher 120 volt
    Reconditioned CMA UC50e high temp undercounter dishwasher
    Reconditioned Star model 25 hot dog roller grille 115 volt
    Reconditioned ADS AFB low temp door type dishwasher 115 volt
    Reconditioned Berkel 705 meat tenderizer
    Reconditioned Dean SM35GMS gas fry w-built-in filter and dump station
    Reconditioned Hobart 2912 semi-automatic slicer
    Reconditioned Hoshizaki DB-200H Ice Dispenser
    Reconditioned Hobart 1912 semi-automatic meat slicer
    Reconditioned Hobart D300 30qt mixer 115v
    Reconditioned Hobart D340 40qt mixer 208v 3ph
    Reconditioned ADS 5AG double rack low temp dishwasher
    Reconditioned Dough Pro DP1100 dough press 115v
    Reconditioned Vulcan VPX3 3 pan steamer 208v
    Reconditioned ADS AF-3D-s low temp door type dishwasher 115v
    Reconditioned Anvil TSA7209-MC panini press 120v
    Reconditioned Duke E304M 4 well steamtable 208v 1ph
    Reconditioned Hobart HCM300 cutter-mixer 200v 3ph
    Reconditioned Hobart H600T 60qt mixer 220v 3ph
    Reconditioned Biro 3334 Meat Saw
    Reconditioned Frymaster FH14-2BLSC Electric Fryer W-Dump Station &; Filter System 208v-3ph
    Reconditioned Groen TDB 7-20 Electric Steam Jacketed Kettle 240v-1ph
    Reconditioned Henny Penny 500 Electric Pressure Fryer 220v-3ph
    Reconditioned Hobart A200 20qt Mixer 120v
    Reconditioned Hobart A200-2 20qt Mixer 120v
    Reconditioned Hobart D340 40 qt Mixer 208v-1ph
    Reconditioned Hobart L800 80qt Mixer 208v-3ph
    Reconditioned Hobart Quantum Service Scale
    Reconditioned Holman 214HX Conveyor Oven 208v-1ph
    Reconditioned Lincoln 1131-000-A Double Stack Eletric Conveyor Oven 240v-1ph
    Reconditioned Merco ES-3-3P Countertop Hot Food Merchandiser
    Reconditioned Star 502FD-1 Electric Hot Plate 208-240v-1ph
    Reconditioned Star 502FD-2 Electric Hot Plate 208-240v-1ph
    Reconditioned Star 836T Gas Griddle (nat)
    Reconditioned Anvil TSI17001 electric panini grill 115v
    Reconditioned Berkel MB Bread Slicer
    Reconditioned Hobart 1612-1 Manual Slicer
    Reconditioned Garland GV284 10 Burner Gas Range (natural)
    Reconditioned Hobart A200T 20qt mixer
    Reconditioned Waring WFG250 Sandwich Grill 120v
    Reconditioned Berkel 909 Manual Slicer
    Reconditioned Hobart H600 60qt Mixer 200 60 3
    Reconditioned Hollymatic Super 54 Pattymachine
    Reconditioned Holman QCS 1 350 conveyor toaster 120v
    Reconditioned Star 530FD countertop electric fryer 208 240 60 1